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Wonder is a magical thing. A labyrinth and a fluid state of being, its possibilities have the power to take us places. Arriving in the season of habitual introspection, our Winter ‘24 collection ‘Wond- A-Land’ calls to ignite the enchantment that exists in the space between.

An interplay of dark and light, the beautiful, the curious and the otherworldly, Wond-A-Land creates a visual language of the tangible kind. From flying carpets and fish to mushrooms and four-leaf clover motifs, Winter ‘24 is a knowing invitation to dream every day.

An ode to our universe, A-Land, each story draws on Antipodean’s signature codes with time- honoured techniques, see-to-believe details and thoughtfully tailored silhouettes realised through a medley of colours that serve as both palette cleansers and sparkling elixirs.

Underscored by a devotion to responsible craftsmanship, Wond-A-Land works with an array of magic makers, weaving visions of the eternally wearable from luxurious silk cotton, organic hemp cotton, silk satin and recycled mesh.

Hand-embroidered accents; beaded trims; scultpural applique; surrealist iconography; and a chunky blanket stitch; each detail finds its place in a tapestry that feels ethereal but not untouchable, much like the fantasies of your own making.

Modern talismans of dress, these are clothes that not only dream up stories but decidedly live them out too.

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Campaign Photographer: Jedd Cooney
Ecommerce Photographer: Alexander Cooke
Production: Lauren Bugitti
Creative Direction: Danielle Milojevic
Stylist: Lucy Milojevic
Assistant stylist: Lilah Carey
Photo Assistant: Jordane Warne
Assistant: Ellyanne Slennett
BTS: Natalie Gillespie
Talent: Stella Hannan
Talent: Grace Cox

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