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As the broader community gains a greater understanding of ethical manufacturing, Antipodean is here to explore and finesse on the sourcing and production of natural fibers. After all, it’s important to know (and love) what you wear.

Working with recyclable and natural fibers wherever possible, Antipodean constructs clothing with quality finishes (both externally and internally) so you can cherish each piece, repair, re-sell and pass down to future style muses.

Antipodean works only with factories of high standards — those who put people at the forefront of their businesses with living wages (meaning a wage that allows workers to meet their basic needs and provides them discretionary spending or saving).

Partnering with factories that have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct (with a majority female workforce), Antipodean’s manufacturing factories prioritise premium machinery and strong ethics. The latter factory supplies to many high end brands, with the capacity to produce Antipodean’s custom embroideries, trims, laces and digital printing.

This is textiles-focused design in its finest form, signaling a considered approach to modes of fabrication and craftsmanship. For example, working with digital printing has less impact on the environment when compared to screen printing. This is an approach that Antipodean embraces with open arms, while also ensuring all digitally-printed garments are OEKO-TEX certified.

All materials required to make clothing are taken from our planet, but some are more sustainable than others. Antipodean is committed to creating from natural fibers where possible. Each season, the preferred fibers matrix will continue to consist of natural fiber, with there always being room to adapt and improve. Antipodean’s goal is to work with organic and hemp-based fabrications in upcoming collections as part of a way to improve and diversify their starting fiber matrix.


You can learn about Antipodean’s choice of natural fibers (and why they matter) below:


Linen has been a core signature
fabrication at Antipodean. As a durable, long-lasting natural fiber that biodegrades, linen continues to be a staple in our collections for its wearability and low impact on our planet.


Cotton is the super-supple material we all know and love, made from plants, not plastics. It’s a renewable resource that is 100% natural, sweetening that quintessential cosy but lightweight feeling. Cotton is biodegradable and breaks down, allowing for easy decomposition over time. Not only is cotton durable, but it’s also odour-free, low-maintenance and hypoallergenic.


Sourced from the fibre of the Ramie plant, this is a natural fabric that’s both biodegradable and requires little irrigation. Ramie’s smooth lustrous appearance improves over time whilst maintaining it’s shape without shrinkage. This diverse fabrication is also one of the strongest natural fibres, with a tensile strength that is eight times that of cotton and seven times more than silk.


Silk has many unique properties and feels incredibly indulgent on the skin. This is a durable material that doesn’t shed microplastic into the environment while in the wash. The wonder-fabric is also biodegradable, depending on its post-processing treatments.

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