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Antipodean is a community: a reason to convene and rejoice at the power of creative expression and wearable artistry. This is a place carved out for art, style instincts and nature to intertwine.

Founder Danielle Milojevic is dedicated to supporting the continuation and legacy of age-old traditional craftsmanship, coming from an experienced background in the fashion design industry. In an effort to foster mindful consumption, each Antipodean garment is designed with intention, and then crafted with both longevity and quality in mind. These pieces are made to be cared for, and treasured as sentimental keepsakes to love, pass down, repair or re-sell.


Antipodean is driven by integrity and advocates for transparency, circularity and equality at every touchpoint of the business. The brand’s primal mission is to uplift women, rebalance gender-based inequalities, and promote inclusivity in the fashion industry. A precise goal, according to Milojevic, is to “create beautiful, individualised products with meaningful impact for people and for the planet”.

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