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Danielle Milojevic is a renowned force in the fashion industry, appraised for some of the best-selling design work across Australian fashion houses.

As a seasoned textiles designer, Danielle’s expression of artistry made wearable reflects her training in fine arts. Each collection is an ode to the power of female-led creativity.

Danielle honed her vision for Antipodean while continuing industry work during 2022, imagining a brand that offered a unique balance of femininity and idiosyncratic edge. Each edit celebrates Antipodean’s way of life, allowing the wearer’s style to radiate through.

The intricate stitching, complex ruffling and opulent embroidery of Antipodean’s first capsule wardrobe is a sign of what’s to come. These are pieces that hero both sentimentality and luxury, allowing wearability and inevitable distinction.

Danielle’s sartorial artworks must be worn, lived-in or felt to believe. They are a living testament to her impressive career in the industry, showcasing her skill for intricate details and fabrication with distinct flair.

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