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A creative reckoning, a non-fluent beauty, an unmatched individuality. Wabi-Sabi exists in what lies outside of the rules, venturing outside the parameters of ‘perfection’.

Antipodean’s Wabi-Sabi capsule is an evocative exploration of what happens when we embrace life’s spontaneous and free-occuring beauty. The notion of Wabi means to be in tune with natural forces and the land on which we live, we are perhaps therefore more closely connected to our most authentic selves.
Wabi-Sabi honours the nuances of natural materials and the beauty of organic imperfections. Handcrafted pieces are testament to the raw magic and inimitability of traditional artisanal design.

Natural forces conjure up themes of unconventional artistry, like the flutter of a butterfly’s vivid wings, or a flower subtly distinctive from the one that grows by its side. Akin to these bespoke sources of wonder, hand-loomed stitching in delicate linens will never be completely identical from one garment to the next. This characteristic of individualised, unidentical design is what makes the artisanal process so inherently special, and one to be celebrated.

Imperfection can be felt in tactile fabrication selections, hand-embroidered attire, mismatched motifs, and free-spirited painted artworks.

This is enduring elegance that retains its class despite the passing of time. After years of wear, we imagine Wabi-Sabi possessing the nostalgic beauty of yesteryear, and being passed on with love.

Awaken your desire for the Wabi-Sabi elements of living (and dressing) via this textural story. Otherworldly, detail-driven and definitive of the Antipodean, this collection is an adventure in expressing one’s most instinctive feelings without hesitation.

In life’s constant state of flux, consider these the empowering garments to find solace in.

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Production Manager: Lauren Bugitti
Photographer: Jedd Cooney
Creative Direction: Danielle Milojevic
Stylist: Lucy Milojevic
Assistant stylist: Paris Scoufis
Photo Assistant: Jordane Warne
Talent: Lilly Hoffman
Talent: Holly Werner

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