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Paraiso is a mode of escapism, a moment in time. This is a portal to your deepest dressing desires, crafted to honour form, feeling and fervour through beautiful textiles.

The name for Antipodean’s first chapter of clothing, ‘Paraiso’, means paradise — a word echoed through scalloped embroidery on the seams and yoke of beautiful shirting. This is a collection exuding luxury and sentimentality. Trace your fingers over detailed stitching of romantic heart patterns sprawled across core collection pieces, and contemplate what paradise is to you.

A form of catharsis, one’s artistic endeavours and creative pursuits are the truest expressions of ‘self’. This exploration and introspection is our collective antidote to the things that ail us. Paraiso harnesses the sanctitude and remedial power of the diverse realm of ‘craft’. These garments play into your natural instincts when it comes to dressing, living, holidaying.

The magic of Paradiso is in intricate lasting touches and supple natural fibers. Delight in linen, meticulously woven cotton, rich ramie and silk linen organza to cherish for a lifetime.

This spirited capsule flows through one-of-a-kind silhouettes and unique craftsmanship. Marvel at the ruffles, fringing and beading spliced throughout the broader Paraiso story. Wear them under the burning, crimson sunsets of summer, through to the crisp, sun-dappled mornings of spring.

Featuring detail-driven hand-drawn prints, enthralling embroidery and bursts of colour, Paraiso is an all-sensory expression of design. Elevated, suave, and in pursuit of ‘paradise’, this debut collection is Antipodean’s diverse tapestry of outfitting for the wearer who desires to stand out.

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Production Manager: Lauren Bugitti
Photographer: Ellie Coker

Creative Direction: Ellie Coker
Hair & Makeup: Anne Timper
Stylist: Lucy Milojevic

Photo Assistant: Gabriel Gwynne

Talent: Anna Palgen

Talent: Tahlia Dunn

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