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Like the sun and the moon, Antipodean’s latest collection glitters, ripples and dances at the shoreline.

Buoyed by the natural powers of the sea, these garments are inspired by the intersection between earth’s most mesmerising forces.

This is a salutation to the form, movement, and magic that we see in the ocean.

Each design is made unique, to be distinctive as the seashells that stud our sand.

Surrender to the rhythmic rolls of the waves, matched in the subtle curvatures and billowing silhouettes of this textural capsule.

An enlivened mix of zesty hues, silk linen organzas and fluorescent accents, each creation’s details run deep.

A fixation with sheer and semi-sheer materials is carried throughout, revealing a glimpse at what lies beneath the surface.

Tones of ombre will make you feel blissfully afloat, while refined brush-strokes and voluminous shapes echo the momentum of the sea.

From spindrift-like curves to dresses awash with embroidery, every piece is a considered ode to the ebb and flow of the big blue.

Tidal movements have driven the floaty fabrics and arching prints of Antipodean’s latest artworks.

Occasion-worthy and opulent, all creations come together in harmonious motion to reflect the natural cycles of sunrise and moonlight.

It’s gravitational attraction expressed through craft, with the tide tumbling into rounded embroidery and oasis-like motifs atop lustrous textiles.

Embrace an instinctive flow of dressing and meet us at High Tide.

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Production Manager: Lauren Bugitti
Photographer: Jedd Cooney
Creative Direction: Danielle Milojevic
Stylist: Lucy Milojevic
Assistant stylist: Anna Quirk
Photo Assistant: Jordane Warne
Behind the scenes photographer: Dario Hardaker
Talent: Miji Awakyr
Talent: Anastazja Romel

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